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The nature of soul

Long ago in the twentieth century the idea of ‘ether’ was disproven by a couple of scientists named Michelson and Morley. Ether has a long history in metaphysics because it is a necessary connection between mind and body. In metaphysics all is one. In other words there is no separation between mind and body except in the conception of thought. The mind sees separation but separation is not anything but a well grooved concept. This is where science and metaphysics part company; at the crossroads of the observer and who the observer is in reality.

If one is unable to grasp the nature of space and time as consciousness one cannot grasp the fact that thought is just a story about perception which is constructed on ether or consciousness. It is the medium of thought and the source of the particles that make up the body of the universe. The division between physics and metaphysics is in the nature of material. The former is convinced that material or atoms are‘other’ than I am and the latter says that material including subatomic phenomenon is the result of I Am.

So, you may ask, what does this have to do with soul? The materialist finds no need of a soul and dismisses the idea. The Buddha is tossed with the bathwater. The spiritualist or metaphysician says “I am soul” meaning that there is no separation between consciousness here and consciousness anywhere. The universe is a phenomenon of consciousness that is identical with the light or ‘luminous ether’ as it was once called. Photons of light require a source other than ‘the big bang’ because of the impossibility of such an event in a lawful universe. Light is produced out of ether also called the ‘Mind of Christ’ the original conception of which is spoken of in the bible.

Soul is the perception of unity in multiplicity applied to the Life I Am. So the question really is not “Do I have a soul?” but “What is this life I am?”.

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