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The Nature of Motherhood

As I nurse my almost 15-month-old son on this Mother’s Day morning, I ponder the true nature of motherhood. It is not only the sacred act of giving birth, but the subsequent acts of nurturing, guiding and honoring those whom we have delivered into this world.

Just as the hungry infant seeks sustenance from the breast, life-blood, intimacy and safety, this child grows seeking the same sensations of connection as s/he grows into adulthood. Shamanic communities bring tremendous power to the nature of motherhood. All mothers cared for all children, taking turns to offer protection, education, healing and all manner of nurturing while the child grew and stepped forth into the passageway of independence.

My own experience has been filled with extraordinary women who have offered their support and wisdom as I came of age. While my own mother most closely guided the construction for my personal foundation, there were many others who contributed to the life I have ultimately created.

The walls of my temple are decorated by the lessons I have learned and continue to learn as I walk the paths of this life. The rocky paths I have transformed into stone arches and the snarling tigers that now willingly stand ready to protect my gates are living reminders of what has made me who I am as a woman.

I honor all of these women: the strong, humble, compassionate, glorious goddesses to whom I owe so very much.

It is my hope that my children will one day look back upon their childhoods with gratitude for all of the people in every community of which they have been a part, who have contributed to their well-being and life-education.

And so I gaze upon the now dozing infant at my breast and I am filled with gratitude for his life and the grace of the goddesses and gods who helped me deliver him safely into this world.

This beautiful boy will grow not only in the arms of his father and mother, but a community that will help him contribute to balancing the vibrations of male and female. A community that will help him to wisely construct the walls of his temple, with a strong foundation and both Jakin and Boaz holding his gates.

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