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The naturalistic dilemma of the origin of life

A, B, & Z DNA
A, B, & Z DNA

We have an almost incalculable number of brilliant men who have striven to acquire as extensive educations as possible, that comprise the world's top scientists in every imaginable field. And that statement is made with the utmost sincerity. I have profound respect for their efforts and their accomplishments. I even admire their tenacious efforts to discover facts where they seem impossible to find.

The one thing I do not respect in many of them is their headstrong conclusions that there is no such thing as supernatural activity. This is a fault in many, not all, even though their own knowledge of physics and natural laws confirm the fact that there has to have been such. And there is a number of subjects which fall into that category. To name a few, the existence of anything, creation of space, of matter, of the universe. creation of a privileged planet, energy, gravity, life and especially the innumerable different lives. From single cell viruses, etc., to coral reefs, to brilliant scientists.

You see, there are these natural laws which they have discovered. One of these is known as the "law of causality". This law says that every thing that happens, has a cause. The descriptive term for it is: "The law of cause and effect states that every material effect must have an adequate antecedent cause. To clarify that term, it means that anything which occurs, must have had a previous occurrence which was equal to, or stronger than, the effect. The cause must have been before the effect, it must have been at least equal to the effect. Example: If a large book is laying with 45% of its weight protruding off the desk and you flip it with a pencil, it would not cause it to fall. However, if you struck it hard with your closed fist, it would fall to the floor. The cause must be adequate to create the effect. Now, a preschooler knows this thing to be a fact even though he may not know the law exists.

Yet, their treasured fantasy of the "Big Bang" (it does not qualify as a theory nor a hypothesis), is so unrealistic that it would unquestionably break that law of cause and effect. As a cat covers her waste material, these proponents of the big bang have scrambled to cover the fact that there was not the slightest chance of nothing (including no energy, no air, no minute particles) to begin to be compressed into the size of a pencil dot so severely that it exploded into creating all of this virtually endless universe. If such a thing could occur, with nothing to make it do so, how do you manage to get that by the law of causality? I have read children’s books years ago and I never read such nonsense. And yet, their strong desire to eliminate God has caused numerous previously honest people to jump on this greatest of all fairy tales! My mind is not closed to any sensible suggestion, but this is outrageous. An almighty and all wise Spirit God who has existed forever and has the ability to create such miracles, has far more integrity than the Big Bang. Especially when it has a proven inerrant book which proclaims it.

And, the beginning of life has blocked them once more, but I am sure, since we now have virtually endless matter and energy, they can find another fairy tale to explain it. Only this time, they will need to produce it since the materials have all been furnished them by God. They just can't seem to get that DNA to appear, without borrowing some of God's material which has it already.

There exists a website, "" which is a highly technical work, very extensive and seemingly very honest. So honest in fact that this writer cannot discern whether or not he is an evolutionist or in favor of creationism. I have not read nearly all that is on the site, but I intend to do so. What I have read thus far, has failed to change my stand on anything, yet it has not furnished me with encouragement. The writer does, however, point out the terrific difficulties in making a factual determination on the theories put forth thus far.

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