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The natural hair revolution

There is a natural care hair movement going on among women in the US. The growing number of women transitioning to au naturale,has inspired a strong sisterhood within the hair care community.Some may think it’s just about hair, it’s not.
This new fixation with natural hair is a movement of self-acceptance,health, and freedom. Social networking is one of many avenues that have helped to empower pride and individuality.

"Going natural" is the term used by women who decide to stop altering their hair with chemicals through relaxing and perming.

Going natural doesn't mean not wearing weaves,extensions and wigs.It simply means the hair is natural underneath, meaning the hair growing out of the scalp has no chemicals.
As the au natural hair movement continues to thrive, more product lines are coming out on a regular basis.

Going natural is a process and can often be referred to as a journey. It usually begins by Transitioning or The Big Chop.

Transitioning to natural hair means dealing with two different hair textures.

The Big Chop is the only instantaneous way to natural hair.It entails cutting off all the chemically treated hair.

The natural hair movement is continuously growing, and there is no shortage of information out there.

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