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The natural benefits of hard work

Shoveling is hard work with many benefits
Shoveling is hard work with many benefits
Wikimedia Commons Public Domain

Grandma said a little hard work never hurt anyone. She was right. The natural benefits of hard work are extensive. Hard work benefits the natural mind, body and soul in more ways than imagined. Let's explore some of the ways hard work benefits us and why it's essential in everyday life.

We all know that hard work benefits us by keeping the body in good physical condition.

Think of how few obese people there were in pioneer days. The physical benefits of hard work kept everyone in the best of shape. Now a more sedentary lifestyle has people going to the gym to reap the same benefits pioneers got from everyday life.

We seldom think about the natural mental benefits of hard work.

Working hard gets our bodies into strong physical shape. It also increases and intensifies the natural mind/body connection. Our physical bodies need the strength of the mind in order to perform hard work. A greater connection between the natural mind and body benefits greater intelligence levels.

Whether or not you believe in a spiritual supreme being:

There's another valuable natural connection made during hard work. Hard work connects not only the mind and body, but also the natural spirit of the person doing the labor. That's right, one of the many benefits of hard work is the enrichment of the soul. The soul cannot survive without both a physical and mental purpose.

Hard work benefits us through a sense of accomplishment.

Think about how good it feels to undertake a project involving hard work and see it through to completion. There is nothing more rewarding than a job well done. For some reason the harder the work, the more rewarding it is on completion. Don't forget to pass on this natural benefit to your children.

Our natural moral character is strengthened through hard work.

The natural benefits of passing a good work ethic on to our children are very rewarding as well. I see too many parents dealing with the needs of their children long after they should. These children desperately need to be taught the natural benefits of a hard days work. Often the parents of these children work hard themselves. They have simply never made it clear that they expect their children to work hard as well.

How sad that so many children are unaware of the benefits of hard work.

Some are good people but don't realize the burden they put on aging parents. Parents, if you have worked hard all your life it's time for you to reap the benefits. Make it clear to adult children that they are no longer your responsibility. Listen to granny. Send them out into the world to reap the natural benefits of their own hard work.

Please note: This article was previously published by this author on Yahoo! Voices

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