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The Native America team

The politics of football, call it The Native America team.

Washington Redskins lose patent protection
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

It would seem fitting for Native American tribes to have first option to buy the Washington Redskins from Daniel Snyder. He is a lousy owner whose mismanagement is as much of a disgrace as the “Redskins” name.

What else could the team be called? Here is a list of possibilities:

  • “The indigenous people” football team (Indigoes for short) Team color: deep blue
  • “The exterminators” a play on the fact that Native Americans were wiped out by colonists (It’s completely honest)
  • “The Tribe”referring to all Native Americans who are essentially reduced to one people
  • “Patent attornies”the guys who want the suit against the Redskins (Could also be shortened to TP’s, trade patent)
  • “Indians” that’s what Native Americans might want to be called anyway
  • “Turkeys”that is what they should be called if they continue to play as they have been

“Let’s Rename the Redskins After a Native Species
06.18.14 |

This morning, the US Patent and Trademark Office canceled six trademarks on the Washington Redskins’ team name. This effectively pulls the rug out from under team owner Daniel Snyder, who had been standing firm against accusations that the nickname is wildly offensive to Native Americans. But, this is an opportunity to find a great new team nickname. Besides, since the D.C. metro area is built on what was once a swamp (or more accurately a tidal plain) full of snakes, spiders, and rodents, the only people they run the risk of offending are the politicians.”

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