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The National Gardening Month

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The "National Gardening Month" is celebrated in April.

The idea is doing something in celebration of gardening.

This can be the month for buying some new plants to organize, design, reinvigorate the outdoors area.

If, given the gift of this talent offering to help someone to make their own area beautiful.

Or, retreating to an area outdoors for an introduction of some activities.

Gathering some herbs, vegetable to take indoors from one's own garden area to celebrate the "National Gardening Month" by cooking and preparing with what has been grown.

Surely, if, not a gardener then prepping a trip to the closest farmer market and collecting fresh foods there.

Buying someone fresh flowers.

Creating a outdoor area for the wildlife of butterflies, bee’s, birds and those that may be invited to live.

Putting down a good amount of flower seeds and watching them grow.

Planting a tree.

Then giving the local stores a visit in El Paso, TX from the farmer market to gardening stores for a good selection of flowers and other items needed to make the National gardening month a success.

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