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The nation-state is a plague on all our houses by Chomsky, Rodney, and Zinn


  • Eugene Hamburger 6 years ago

    It's so wonderful to see someone quoting from Howard Zinn's _A People's History_. That amazingly biased book with absolutely no references, sources or bibliography. Please tell me what college professor would accept an undergraduate paper with the same degree of academic "rigor" Zinn used?

    If not nation-states, what do you advocate? That we live in little communes and just "help eachother?" That's not a recepie for leftist utopia, it's a recipie for ceaseless bloodshed. Help yourself to a REAL history book about Europe and see just how peaceful things were prior to the nation-state when the Vikings, Saxons, Celts, Visigoths et al were busy killing everything they could get their hands on. Comparatively, the modern world is a peaceful Nirvana. If you truly advocate a return to a star-lit Valhalla where blood is drank from the scooped-out skulls of the slain, then I applaud your honesty - but if you think the fall of the nationstate = socialist bliss, then you're a fool.

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