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The 'Nano Domestic Quell' program: real or crackpot conspiracy theory?

Is the Nano Domestic Quell program real, or just another internet conspiracy theory?
Is the Nano Domestic Quell program real, or just another internet conspiracy theory?
Dept. of Defense

Many of you may have read reports on alternative media sites detailing a program known as “Nano Domestic Quell” that is allegedly run by the Department of Defense. This program is supposedly a plan by the DOD to crush domestic unrest or a public uprising by infecting Americans with microscopic “nanobot kill switches” that are being introduced into our bloodstreams through drinking water and products such as soft drinks. Once ingested these “kill switches” remain in our bodies and can be activated by a remote signal sent by radio, cell phone towers, or other means, effectively incapacitating most of the population by causing serious illnesses or even instant death. But is this program real, or a hoax?

One of the figures who first pushed the idea that this program actually does exist was a shadowy figure known as Dr. Bill Weld. Weld published several articles and blog posts on the subject, and even published some DOD documents he claimed proved the program does indeed exist. The problem here is the fact that Dr. Bill Weld himself may not actually exist.

Weld has been accused of being another persona used by a man named Justin Tribble, who some say is just another discredited internet conspiracy theorist himself. Tribble denies both accusations. Videos on YouTube also claim to show Weld confessing that the “Nano Domestic Quell” program was a hoax. Or are these just more psy-ops mind twists designed to confuse people and discredit the whistleblowers? It can all get kind of mind-boggling at times. We know our government is not above lying to us or developing secret programs that are designed to protect the powers that be by silencing dissent, but who can we believe?

How about Alex Jones? Jones has published several stories and videos on the subject of the “Nano” program. Jones is real enough. We know he exists, right? Jones, however, is a controversial figure himself. Many people see Jones as just another crackpot conspiracy theorist who will push any crazy story if he can make a buck by doing so. Still others claim Jones is “controlled opposition,” that he is an agent of the government whose job is to push so many crazy theories that it will make anyone who questions the government look like they’re ready for a rubber room.

If there is such a program as “Nano Quell” it is obviously an alarming development. If true, there would be little any of us could do to fight back. If we actually have these nanobots running around in our bloodstream waiting for the signal to kill us, there would be little if any defense against them. It’s not like we can go to our family doctor and have them removed. Simply bringing it up to your doctor might get you sent off to one of those rubber rooms, or at least make your doctor think you need some help he or she isn’t qualified to provide.

A new video and DOD documents allegedly related to the program were published today on Planet InfoWars. So, even if Dr. Weld is a hoax, and even if Weld himself admitted the program was a hoax, is it really a hoax? Or did someone get to Weld and cause him to back off? Others picked up the story and continued to raise the alarm about the program even after Weld was discredited.

Of course there is no way to prove or disprove the existence of such a program. The only way we would ever know with any certainty would be if the nanobots were triggered and most of the population dropped dead, or if enough credible people from inside the DOD decided to come forward and expose the program.

Perhaps was is most eye-opening is the fact that we live in a time in America where there is so much mistrust in government that a story like this can gain traction. It says an awful lot about the state of our nation. How many of us can remember a time in our lives when so many people were genuinely concerned about the possibility of a government crackdown on the population? Social and alternative media are buzzing with talk of armed revolts and martial law.

How did we get to this point? Largely because most Americans have been apathetic and less than vigilant when it comes to protecting our liberty. You better believe the powers that be are all too aware of just how lazy many Americans are when it comes to keeping an eye on what is going on around them if it doesn’t have anything to do with entertainment or pop culture. Whether or not there is such a program as “Nano Domestic Quell” it is past time for Americans who hope to preserve freedom for future generations to turn off the television and start focusing on things that matter. American Idol can wait.

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