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The naked truth: 5 ways to get glowing bare skin

Green tea
Green tea

Naked should be beautiful but it is not always the case... naked skin that is. To show off that bare, healthy one (without layers of concealer and foundation), glowing and fresh is every woman's dream.

Of course cleansing, moisturizing and protecting are very important, but crucial to our complexion is what we hide inside. No amount of expensive cream or frequent visits at the spa will make up for lack of sleep and good nutrition. Today, we are all busy, stressed and in a hurry so healthy choices are not always the easiest ones. But there are few simple, little steps we can make every day toward a better lifestyle.

Let's start today and take five easy steps together!

  1. Trade coffee for green tea. At any Starbucks (and we have plenty of those in Dallas) you can order ice or hot green tea.Order it with no water and no ice, just straight and strong (you can ask for a separate cup of ice, if you like it cold) and benefit from it's antioxidant properties all day. This drink will not only give you your daily dose of caffeine, but also add to your health!
  2. Take cod liver oil and sesame oil. A table spoon of cod liver oil and sesame oil every morning will give you endless benefits. The liver of cod has been used for centuries as a healthful oil source. You will have in a single product the perfect qualities of Omega 3 fatty acids joined with the addition of vitamin D and A. Sesame certainly appears to be one of nature's best sources of natural liquid vitamins. You can get the oils at your local Whole Foods Market store and for a better taste chose Carlson Norwegian Cod Liver Oil LEMON and "Spectrum" unrefined, organic Sesame oil (NOT toasted).
  3. Sweat, Sleep and Supplement. The skin is the the body's largest organ, and through perspiration, it plays a big part in helping the body to detox and renew itself. Sweating benefits you in many ways, so take time to work up a good sweat on a regular basis and remember to shower afterwards to rinse off all the toxins that have exited your body.

    Go to Sleep! Chronic lack of sleep increases the risk for developing obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and infections. Getting enough deep sleep will also help your skin repair itself. So turn off that TV and try to hug your pillow before 10:30 PM.

    Even the healthiest diet does not guarantee the sufficient amount of all the vitamins and minerals. We all need Magnesium, Zinc, vitamin D, good Multi and many more. But it is all individual and guessing what your deficiencies are is just not smart. What is smart is to call a good nutritionist (like Dr Jeremy Webster who's info you will find at Not only will he determine (throughout your blood test) what your needs are but also will provide you with GOOD quality supplements.

  4. Drink water. "Don't over-medicate, HYDRATE!". Good hydration is at the foundation of good health. Dehydration, second only to oxygen deprivation, robs life fastest! And no, rubbing "La Mer" all over your face is not going to keep your cells hydrated drink up! Drink, good clean water though not sodas, juices or alcohol which bring us to step number 5.
  5. Remember sugar is not our friend. It would take way too long to write about why sugar is bad for us. Read "146 Reasons Why Sugar Is Ruining Your Health" and decide for yourself but if you plan on keeping your sweet sweet relationship with cookies, alcohol and candy without any balance and control, all the walking toward more healthy and beautiful you we just did together really didn't mean a thing.


  • Herbie Schwibitz 5 years ago

    Clever comments and with a great deal of evidence to support your view. My first instinct is to go get some cookies and milk so I could get over myself. Now you say even the inocent cookie is soon to be taboo.
    Is there some other way we can skin this?
    Signed kookie