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The Naked and Famous rolling through San Diego

The Naked and Famous on tour
The Naked and Famous on tour
Photo: The Naked and Famous

For a steady stream of time, it seemed I couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing New Zealand band The Naked and Famous. A relatively young band, formed in 2008 in Auckland, the quintet has already found massive success where many have failed before them. Their first album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, debuted at number one on the New Zealand Album Charts in 2010 and spawned 5 singles including their number one hit “Young Blood.”

Like the album it stemmed from, “Young Blood” debuted at number one and gained commercial success from around the world. A synth driven song, only drowned out by singer Alisa Xayalith’s warm voice, it evokes a youthful energy that makes anyone reminisce on a youth that has long since passed.

Riding on the heels of their own success, the band released their second studio album In Rolling Waves in September 2013. Also a commercial success, the album appeared on many charts including number 4 of the New Zealand charts and number 48 on the Billboard Top 200. Beautifully produced, the album is more mature as the band deals less with the young angst and its fleeting years, and more with the realities of life. While still keeping their distinct sounds of sleek synth over aggressive guitar riffs, the album as a whole is a bit more stripped down than Passive Me, allowing the listener to enjoy the moments of calm just as much as the following storm.

The Naked and Famous is currently on tour with Imagine Dragons and will continue a steady string of shows across the US until mid June. Catch them at the Valley View Casino Center with Imagine Dragons this Saturday February 15th.