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The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls

Mysterious Crystal Skull
Mysterious Crystal Skull
National Geographic

The most common symbol in almost all cultures for death is the skull. There have been 13 crystal skulls discovered in Central and South America as well as Mexico, some of the skulls has been dated as much as 36,000 years ago, and to this day nobody is sure of their purpose or original origin. It is believed that these ancient skulls have some magical and healing capabilities. These goals are baffling because the crystal should have been destroyed while being carved.

There are two reasons that the Mitchell – Hedges Skull is the most renowned, it is very similar in shape to the human skull including the removable jawbone with the perfect fit. The second reason is such a mysterious artifact is that even with today's talented sculptors and technical engineers it is been proven an impossibility to duplicate this unusual crystal skull. Others crystal skulls that have been discovered are much more unrealistic looking with teeth that appear to have just been etched on the surface of the face of the skull. F. A. Mitchell – Hedges was a British explorer on an expedition in British Honduras now known as Belize, searching for Atlantis. He reported that his daughter discovered this rare artifact in 1924 in the ancient Mayan ruins of Lubaatum. It was reported, his daughter Anna, was searching in an area which they now believe at one time was a temple where she found this beautiful crystal skull. At that time the jawbone was missing, but was discovered about 25 feet away approximately 3 months later. It was later discovered that this story was fictional that he instead bought the skull at Sothebys London in 1943 at an auction. This information has been verified through documents from the British Museum. The skull remains in the possession of Anna Mitchell – Hedges who frequently displays the skull on tours. Anna Mitchell is currently living in Canada. Even though it has been proven differently, Anna continues to claim that she originally found the skull. This particular skull weighs approximately 11.7 pounds and is some 5 inches high, 5 inches wide, and 7 inches long. Due to the size of the cranial this skull is referred to the skull representing the human female.
The Rose Quartz Crystal Skull was found along the borders of Honduras and Guatemala. This skull is in larger than the Mitchell Hedges Skull, and has the same quality of craftsmanship although it is not crystal clear hence the name Rose Quartz. This skull also has a removable jawbone that none of the other crystal skulls that have been found possess.

Two other famous skulls are the British Crystal Skull and the Paris Crystal Skull these two skulls are so similar in both size and shape that it is believed one was used as a model for the other. It is believed both of these skulls were purchased in the 1890s in Mexico by mercenaries, very likely at the same time. When comparing these two skulls to the Mitchell–Hedges Skull they pale in comparison. The crystal that they are made out of is much cloudier than the crystal of the Mitchell – Hedges Skull and the features of both of these skulls, to all appearances, is incomplete and has no jawbone built into the skull. The British Crystal Skull can be found at the London's Museum of mankind. The Paris Crystal Skull is located at the Trocadero Museum of Paris.

In the early 1900s, in Guatemala and Mexico, two very primitive crystal skulls were discovered they are known as the Mayan Crystal Skull and the Amethyst Skull. The Mayan Crystal Skull is made out of clear crystal where the Amethyst Skull is made of purple quartz, other than the colors these two crystal skulls are very much alike. Both skulls were carried to the United States by a Mayan Priest. These two crystal skulls have one thing in common with the Mitchell Hedges Skull both were studied by Hewlett-Packard and all three were cut against the axis of the crystal.

Another rare Crystal skull is the Texas Crystal skull (Max); this unusual skull weighs some 18 pounds. It is believed this skull was given to Jo Ann Parks by a Tibetan Spiritualist who found the skull in Guatemala, JoAnn lives in Houston, Texas. The Parks family home is open to visitors who wish to see Max. They also put this beautiful crystal skull on display throughout the United States at a large number of showings.

Another skull that was discovered in the 20th century in Central America is known as ET, which has an alien look with a pointed cranium and an overstated, large overbite. This particular skull belongs to Joke Van Dietan and is part of her personal collection of skulls that she takes with her during her travels to share their healing powers.

The final crystal skull that has been discovered is that was a Brazilian Crystal Skull weighing about 13 1/2 pounds making it life-size to the human skull. The Brazilian Crystal skull was donated in 2004 to the British Museum by a Brazilian gem dealer, where can still be seen today.

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