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The mystery of 'Malificent's' missing wings solved in teaser trailer

The tale of "Sleeping Beauty" is well-known, but one question has remained unanswered until now: Why doesn't Malificent, the title character in Disney's upcoming live-action film by the same (starring Angelina Jolie in the title role), have wings? The answer was revealed in a teaser trailer released on Monday.

Wikimedia Commons

Malificent is, after all, a fairy, albeit an evil one. The answer to the question above is the she did have wings. However, as Jolie says, “They were stolen from me."

The wings, which remind us more of the wings of a raptor -- perhaps even a vulture -- being huge, black-feathered, and ominous-looking -- can be seen in the embedded video.

'Maleficent' was directed by Robert Stromberg and produced by Walt Disney Pictures, from a screenplay written by Linda Woolverton. It is a live-action re-imagining of the 1959 Walt Disney animated film 'Sleeping Beauty,' but in contrast to that film, shows the story from the viewpoint of the villainess, Maleficent.

It marked Stromberg's directorial debut. Jolie, Joe Roth and veteran Disney filmmaker Don Hahn are listed as producers.

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