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The mysterious cat

How can you get closer to your cat?
Patricia Wall/The New York Times

After analyzing the differences distinguished between cats and dogs, it is no wonder we now discover that cats are basically the same now as when they entered man’s life so long ago.

In certain studies, one commencing at Ball State University, cats proved to be independent creatures, solitary hunters that are more open to possibilities since they are incessantly curious. John Bradshaw adds to this information in Cat Sense – How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet (Basic Books. 336 pages. $27.99.).

In the book we learn what Dr. Bradshaw, a biologist at the University of Bristol, England, has discovered through his study in animal behavior. Dr. Bradshaw has focused many of his studies on felines and by analyzing them found that they have never quite fully domesticated; in essence, cats are still wild animals. After reading this, it is no wonder that cats are still so curious and don’t necessarily need other cats or dogs around to make them whole.

Cats have never been bred for a purpose, therefore, they are essentially the same as when they came into existence, albeit many are now living in domesticated situations, but still act as though they are from the wild. Perhaps this is why small animals and rodents are dropped at the feet of cat parents – a token for the love that they receive from them.

The tendency, even for cats that are somewhat ‘domesticated’ is that there is still a natural pull to breed with a feral cat, thus the ‘wild’ tendencies continue on. Cats seem to find a way to pull this off right under the noses of their humans.

This appears to be the reason that cats and humans have difficulty in their communication possibilities. Dr. Bradshaw points out that the strongest social bond typical for a cat is between a mother cat and her litter of kittens; a good explanation for why cats seem so aloof!

Cat Sense will give cat lovers an inside track on what their cat may be thinking by how it is acting. Their actions may be acts of love and kindness, not cold-hearted killing like some non-cat enthusiasts may think.

Since cats are not the most social of creatures, we have to rely on their body language and their actions to actually get inside their heads. This book helps us do just that!

If you are curious, check out Cat Sense – How the New Feline Science Can Make You a Better Friend to Your Pet. It is available right now. Perhaps if people understand their cat, their relationship can grow even stronger.

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