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'The Musketeers' starts strong on BBC One

A new hit for the BBC.
A new hit for the BBC.

Some of the first ratings are in for the upcoming BBC One production of "The Musketeers," and if there is one thing that the network has to be feeling right now, it is very impressed.

Despite this property being one that has been extremely played-out across other forms of the media over the years, the 10-part series launched on the network with 7.41 million viewers. One of the big draws for the series right now is Peter Capaldi, who plays the role of Cardinal Richelieu. Capaldi was announced as the new leading man in "Doctor Who," which is currently filming its eighth season to air on the network a little later in the year. This number is behind most "Doctor Who" episodes, but it s a nice launch for a new property. Typically, it takes many weeks for a show to build an audience.

At the moment, British television is experiencing what is in many ways a creative as well as a critical Renaissance. You have shows like this one, "Downton Abbey," "Doctor Who," and "Call the Midwife," which are all drawing some pretty big followings beyond Britain. Part of the reason for that is that they are telling such timeless stories, but giving a slight twist to make them stand out. Not only that, but there is an air of curiosity out there with most TV viewers now, as they start to realize that there is so much more beyond their own batch of local networks.

Are you happy for the series with these ratings, and also excited for the show to cross over to American soil a little later this year? Given that the series was a BBC America co-production, there is some more skin in the game across the pond than usual. Share what you think in the comments below, and we will have some more news on this project as it comes out a little later this year.