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2014 Winter Olympics

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The Muppets explain Olympic curling to fans of Winter Olympics (video)

Olympic curling is almost over at the Sochi Olympics. The men’s curling gold medal game is on Friday with the Canadians taking on Great Britain. After the Canadian women curling team won the gold medal on Thursday it might be a clean sweep with one nation taking all the gold home. Not everyone is familiar with Olympic curling and to make it a little more understandable the cast of The Muppets released a video explaining the premise on Wednesday. It’s making the rounds online and fans are appreciating the tie-in to the Olympic Games.

“Tonight’s the women’s curling final in the #WinterGames. What’s curling, you ask? Gonzo and The Swedish Chef explain,” tweeted The Muppets from the official Twitter account on Wednesday. Attached was a video for the fans to watch and share around the world.

There is something quite comforting knowing that The Muppets have stepped up to help the world better understand curling. Perhaps it is the idea that the game can be easy to pick up on or maybe the thought that it is fun once you get involved.

Take a look at the video clip and check out the Swedish Chef’s explanation. Of course he does his best and fans appreciate the insight. Yet the question remains if he answers all the details about the sport.

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