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The Muppet master: Pistons center Andre Drummond loves Kermit the Frog memes

Kermit the Frog in 2014.
Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images

Andre Drummond’s Instagram account is none of your business. However, should you just so happen to check out his page and skim through it for a moment, you will undoubtedly notice the plethora of Kermit the Frog posts. Clearly, the Detroit Pistons center has taken a liking to the humorous social media trend that has turned the beloved Muppet into a meme sensation.

To date, Drummond has posted Kermit on his Instagram account a total of 19 times. Whoa! Kermit first appears on Drummond’s page on a post that dates back to July 1, 2014. Drummond’s last Kermit post was on July 26.

The popularity of Kermit memes has spread like wildfire, showing up all over the Internet and social media just over the past month or so.

Memes are known to be funny in a mocking sort of way. They are parodies of various aspects of life and popular culture. A typical meme features a random picture of a person, place or thing. The words added to it describe what the person in the picture is saying or thinking or the situation being depicted. A meme is usually straightforward, with the viewer getting the joke or message a few seconds after looking at it. Memes can be pretty hilarious.

A standard Kermit the Frog meme pokes fun at irony. Typically, a Kermit meme features the frog explaining an ironic scenario as if he has just gotten the inside scoop on another person’s life. The ironic scenario is usually something the hypothetical other person does not want anyone else to know about for the sake of avoiding shame or embarrassment. The scenario can also be something that the hypothetical person does not even realize yet, but if he or she were to find out about it later on, they would then be ashamed or embarrassed.

Kermit’s words in these memes are not only ironic because of the scenarios they detail, they are also ironic because of the way the frog ends his statements. After coming across as a nosy gossiper, Kermit always finishes his statements by saying, “But that’s none of my business.” He then proceeds to sip his drink as if he really is minding his own business. Click here for an example of a standard Kermit meme.

Other celebrities, perhaps most notably hip-hop veteran Snoop Dogg, have also posted Kermit memes with their Instagram accounts. Snoop’s first Kermit meme was posted back on June 30, just a day before Drummond’s first post. His most recent post of the Muppet was actually earlier today (Aug. 9). Snoop has a total of eight Kermit posts so far. This number, of course, is nothing compared to the number Drummond has put up. However, eight is still more than enough for you to get the sense that the rap legend, like Drummond, has developed a soft spot for funny Kermit memes. [Side note: Snoop Dogg, hands down, has one of the funniest Instagram pages in general. So, if you have some time on your hands (he has over 7,700 posts on his page to date), it would be worth your while to check his stuff out. You are sure to have yourself a good laugh.]

Andre Drummond currently has over 1,900 posts on Instagram. He also currently has over 223,000 followers, many of whom surely have a Kermit meme or two on their own pages. Will Drummond post another Kermit the Frog meme anytime soon? If so, what will it be the next time? All will just have to wait and see. But, in the meantime, there is already plenty to laugh at. See below for examples.

Funny Kermit the Frog Memes

Below are a couple more examples of standard Kermit memes.
01. Click here.
02. Click here.
Want more? If you have time to spare, here are some other Kermit memes to check out. These vary.
01. Click here.
02. Click here.
03. Click here.
04. Click here.
05. Click here.
06. Click here.
07. Click here.
08. Click here.
09. Click here.
10. Click here. (NSFW)

Okay, maybe just one more. Click here. Hilarious, aren't they?

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