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'The Munsters' star Butch Patrick plans to open up a haunted bed and breakfast

"The Munsters" star Butch Patrick plans to save an old Victorian house in Missouri from being torn down. According to Patrick, the house is haunted and he wants to prevent it from being wrecked and open up a haunted bed and breakfast, Fox News reported last Thursday.

Butch Patrick plans to open up a haunted bed and breakfast
Photo courtesy of Bonnie Vent

Butch Patrick played Eddie Munster on "The Munsters" for two years in the mid sixties. The house on 1313 Mockingbird Lane wasn't the only creepy house that the child star had in his life. Evidently Patrick's grandmother owned a house in Macon, Missouri and according to him the place is haunted.

"Every 20 years or so I would drive by the house to visit and last time I went by, I found it was in foreclosure and it was close to being wrecked. So what I'm doing right now is, I'm working with the banks to try to save it and lo and behold, it turns out it's haunted," Patrick said in an interview with Fox News.

Patrick claims that his grandmother and sister Michelle both witnessed supernatural events in the house when he was a kid. He never noticed anything strange when he visited the house.

"I have felt some interesting things going on, although I've never actually physically seen something. I've felt something pass through me before, which is really scary," Patrick said.

Owner Stephen Keithly claims that the house is haunted by the spirit of a woman dressed in white. Keithly's wife has witnessed the ghost. Patrick plans to help Keithly by preventing the house from going into foreclosure.

Patrick contacted paranormal medium Bonnie Vent so that she could communicate with the ghost of the woman to determine why she is there. Patrick and Keithly are intrigued by the paranormal phenomena and plan to turn the house into a bed and breakfast that will be catered to the paranormal community. Patrick also hopes that the haunted house will soon be featured on a paranormal television series so that paranormal investigators can enjoy the property.

"I had some experts come in and they found 13 entities in the house," Patrick said about the house.

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