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The MTV Video Music Awards: Twenty Fourteen

The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards-slide0
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The MTV Video Music Awards have often been scrutinized for not performing well, not displaying an actual awards show and also delivering some of the most provocative performances from pop artists in any of the awards shows advertised on national television. Sure, the nominees are from the fans and the winners in each category are also chosen by the fans, but in my opinion, that's what sets the superstars apart from the stars. Musicians, actors and comedians that achieve commercial success are the richest, happiest and experience more endorsements, sponsorship's and deals than the rest, so what's the big damn deal that MTV hosts the sexiest awards show on the planet and that the general public gets the final say in the winner? None. This is by far the best musical awards show of the year from shocking performances like last year's medley with Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke and the infamous lip lock between Britney Spears and Madonna back in 2003. Whether you're a pop music fanatic or not, The MTV Video Music Awards always entertain and leave the world discussing winners and performances the next day, from entertainment stations to CNN. The awards show is the definition of Pop Culture, so it's only natural to publish an article discussing the jaw-dropping show.

Danity Kane surprise at The 2014 VMA's?
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The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards are held tonight at 6 PM Pacific Standard time in Inglewood, California live from the 'Fierce' Forum in SoCal. The biggest entertainers in the world have already called the legendary Forum arena home, and now it will host the best, most enormous celebration of music of the 2013/2014 calendar year. I couldn't be more pumped to land the legendary Moonman back in 70 degree Cali for what's sure to be a night for the history books. Pop Culture bloggers, websites and television stations all across the world will be freaking out and analyzing every second of tonight's show.

Scheduled performers include Beyonce, Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and rumors of Danity Kane & Britney Spears making surprise appearances. At last years 2013 MTV Video Music Awards show, the quartet of Danity Kane announced their comeback, a tour across the United States and a new album this year. Since the release of their ultra-fabulous R&B single, 'Lemondade,' featuring Tyga, the once foursome became a threesome with Dawn Richard, Shannon Bex & the bad girl next store, Ms. Aubrey O' Day. Reporters say Aundrea Fimbres wanted to focus on family life. To this day, rumor has it that Dawn smacked Aubrey in the head and now the group is non-existent, again. Are Shannon and Aubrey looking for their new blonde bad boy to make the hip, fresh band a worldwide phenomenon, or is Aubrey out and are Dawn & Shannon looking for the middle man? Only time will tell and let's cross our fingers this occurs tonight during The 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, the wildest, funniest show that gives Pop Culture life in this world filled with violence, hurt and suffering.

Here are some songs to get you in the mood for tonight's Pop Culture awards show:

Ace of Base: The Sign

Britney Spears: Slave 4 U

Madonna: Ray of Light

Justin Timberlake: Sexyback

Danity Kane: Bad Girl

Beyonce: Crazy In Love

Hilary Duff: All About You

Taylor Swift: Shake it Off

Britney Spears: Gimmie More

Madonna: Hollywood

Christina Aguilera: Fighter

Miley Cyrus: We Can't Stop

Robin Thicke: Blurred Lines

Alicia Keys: Girl on Fire

Nicki Minaj: Anaconda

Kanye West: Stronger

'Nsysnc: It's Gonna Be Me

Kesha: C'mon

Missy Elliot: Gossip Folks

Britney Spears: Oops! I Did It Again

Rihanna: Umbrella

Marilyn Manson: Dope Show

Green Day: When I Come Around

Nelly Furtado: Promiscuous

Ashlee Simpson: Pieces of Me

Jay-Z: 99 Problems

Madonna: Hollywood

Would you consider these good songs to remind you of past shows and what might be played tonight; will Pop Culture explode tomorrow morning? Miley Cyrus should be feeling pretty good right now; she slayed the charts and has the best pop album of 2013/2014 hands down.

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