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The mouse mother, ‘Little Myekee Mouse’, and the cat

Little Myekey Mouse's confrontation with the cat
Little Myekey Mouse's confrontation with the cat
Debbie Dunn aka DJ Lyons

Here is a story scenario you can use to help teach more about our fight or flight instinct. This is also a tale you can use to lead the students in a discussion about how you regain “trust and respect points” with others.

Section 4: Read Fight or Flight sequel story: The mouse mother, ‘Little Myekee Mouse’, and the cat

A. Teacher reads story to the class called “The mouse mother, ‘Little Myekee Mouse’, and the cat.”

B. Story Description: This is an adaptation of a story that comes from the oral traditions of Africa. It is used with permission of Opalanga Pugh, a griot of the African culture. Prior to her death in 2010, Opalanga traveled around the United States, sharing the traditional stories of Africa.

This story perfectly demonstrates a character self-mentoring as a Mouse Mother remembers to breathe, gives t inside her head, relies on her inner wisdom, and comes up with a brilliant solution to get her attacker to leave her and her loved ones alone.

Chapter 2 addresses the issues of how you might alert an adult in your life that you plan to “walk a better path” should you have gotten in trouble a lot in the past.

Short Story called ‘The Mouse Mother, Little Myekee Mouse, and the Cat’

Chapter 1: Original version by Opalanga Pugh; Re-told by Debbie Dunn

Chapter 2: Created by Debbie Dunn

Chapter 1: Mouse Mother Saves the Day

There was once a Mouse Mother who had five mouse babies. One day, a Cat came along and started to pounce upon those babies.

The Mouse Mother reached deep inside of herself to pull up all of her courage and all of her dignity. In her biggest mouse voice, she said, “BOW! WOW!”

The Cat was terrified. He turned tail and ran away.

The Mouse Mother turned to her babies and said, “Now let that be a lesson to you. It is very important to learn a second language.”

Chapter 2: Little Myekee Mouse struggles to regain Trust and Respect Points

One of the mouse babies, Little Myekee Mouse (pronounced My-key) , was not impressed. He was the class clown at his school. He was a trouble maker and a rabble rouser in the woods. In other words, he did not have a very good reputation.

One day in the forest, a different cat started stalking Little Myekee Mouse. Thinking he was about to die, he could think of nothing to do but tremble out the words, “BOW! WOW!” He was shocked to see the cat turn and sprint away.

Little Myekee Mouse was a changed mouse. He realized that learning a second language was an essential survival skill. He could speak slang around his friends, but he intended to use a more respectful language around adults in positions of power.

Here was the dilemma. Little Myekee thought, “How do I regain ‘Trust and Respect Points’ with my Mom, my teacher, the principal, and the animal cops? How long will it take before they notice I’ve turned over a new leaf and am a better mouse now?

Little Myekee Mouse thought for a while and concluded, “I think I’ll make a sincere-sounding apology, tell them my plan, and then prove it by “walking my talk.” I sure hope my plan works!”


Please note: You can listen to chapter 1 being performed by Professional Storyteller Debbie Dunn on this YouTube link.


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