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The Motor Cycle Magic of Seth Grabel

Seth Grabel on his Harley
Seth Grabel on his Harley
Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD

It's not that I needed any encouragement to visit one of Americas leading Harley Davidson's Motor Cycle showrooms, but the addition of one of my favorite Magicians certainly helped.
Like most of you I first saw Seth Grabel on Americas Got Talent. Just making it to air on that prestigious Television show guarantees a career boost that in the case of now local superstar Terry Fator ,an outright winner on the show, resulted in super-stardom.
Though a resident of Las Vegas for well over 20 years I had yet to set foot inside this Mega Motorcycle Heaven. Wow - what an experience. The free Hot Dogs and Hamburgers, not to mention some of the best fries this journalist has ever tasted made my visit a memorable one. I was accompanied by world renowned Neurosurgeon Dr. Lonnie Hammargren, our ex Lieutenant Governor and now I am proud to say one of my closest friends. Lonnie has been at the side of many dare devil motorcyclists in their hour of need, including the Kenievels, so it seemed only natural that if Seth was to do something 'magical' with a Harley - Lonnie would have to be there.
Seth's 30 minute presentation drew a massive crowd of both lovers of the magical arts and 'Harley' buffs. Seth is a master when it comes to card manipulation, to say the least, and his show included his well known straight jacket escape and concluded with the 'magical' appearance of Seth atop a shiny new Harley!
The illusion was somewhat marred by the fact that early arrivers like the good Doctor and myself were able to witness the loading of the machine into the illusion, which kind of gave the show away!
Unfortunately there is no predicted return date for this magical combination however I highly recommend a visit to Las Vegas Harley Davidson's showroom at 2605 S. Eastern Ave. to enjoy the sheer magic of the world's most coveted machine; and if you are really lucky some of their amazing fries!
Dr. Peter J. Shield PhD