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The motivational story of a woman who became a millionaire

The Millionaire Within Us

There are many books on the market that claim they can teach you how to become a millionaire overnight, but if you are a well-grounded, realistic person, you know such a thing is not possible. On the other hand, there are also some highly inspirational and motivational books that tell stories about people who started off poor and miserable, and managed to accomplish their dreams and become truly successful. But they reached that point after many years of hard work. Such a book is ‘The Millionaire Within Us’ by Chris Carley. It definitely is one of those books that can motivate people to keep trying, while also teaching them that success comes only with hard work, determination, and a positive attitude.

In 1987, Chris Carley would have never thought her life could be different and, actually, enjoyable. She was working the Grave Yard night shift, and her job was slowly destroying her health. For little money, she had to move heavy tools from one machine to another, and she couldn’t even afford a pair of boots to protect her feet while working. Then she was fired, and for a moment she thought that her life would never get better. Her father loaned her $79, and this is how Chris Carley began her career in network marketing.

Network marketing is a field that few people truly understand. Some may think it is no big deal, and anyone can make it in this kind of business if they invest a bit of time and effort. In ‘The Millionaire Within Us’, Chris Carley teaches readers all about network marketing and discusses the skills one must have to make real money. She starts by telling her story in an honest, humble way, letting the readers know that before she saw any success she failed miserably a couple of times. No one was there to support her because no one believed in her and her dream. So, Chris had to fight her own fears and insecurities and hope that one day, if she worked hard enough, she would reach the happiness and financial freedom she knew she deserved.

‘The Millionaire Within Us’ contains principles, techniques, and tips that Chris Carley herself used to succeed. More than anything, she was driven by the strong desire to change her life. She grew up in a family where her father worked too much for little money, and she always saw that as unfair. She learned that hard work was necessary, but she also knew that people needed to enjoy the results of their work, because only then life started to make sense. Thus, Chris Carley pulled herself together after each failure, fought her insecurities and low self-esteem, and kept trying. Eventually, her advanced skills in network marketing and her constant desire to learn and grow brought her to this point. Now she is a millionaire, an accomplished, successful person who wants to teach others how to make it. Because she didn’t receive any help when she needed it most, she knows how difficult it is to keep trying when failure hits you at every step, so she decided to share her experience and business secrets with all those who are willing to learn.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, then ‘The Millionaire Within Us’ is the book you need to read.

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