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The mother of all Mid-Atlantic hurricanes, Irene

A rare view of Hurricane Irene from Space
A rare view of Hurricane Irene from Space


Air Force Hurricane Hunters informed the National Weather Service early Friday morning that the storm track for Hurricane Irene has not changed very much in the last 24 hours. Atlantic City is projected to be on the "buzz saw" side of the storm.

The front right side of the hurricane is the most powerful, according to meterologists from The Weather Channel. If the hurricane hits the Atlantic City coast at high tide, during an astronomical tide, Atlantic City will experience a "100 year storm," according to Governor Chris Christie.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson has closed Atlantic County Government on Friday allowing employees to be at home to prepare for an evacuation. Many non-essential county employees live in low laying areas that are prone to floording.

Mandatory evacuations of the coastline in New Jersey have begun in Cape May County. Atlantic County is preparing to began their evacuations Friday morning. Resident have been advised that nobody will be allowed back on the island of Brigantine after they have left.

Traffic will be directed out of the city in all lanes. There will be no incoming traffic at all, according to city officials.

Governor Christie has warned people with rental properties not to venture down to the shore due to the extremely dangerous weather that is anticipated.

Atlantic City Electric has warned residents to be ready for a multiple day loss of electric power due to downed powerlines that are certain to result from the storm. They have recruited workers from other areas of the country to assist with the clean up of the hurricane.

For more information. contact your local emegency management office or the American Red Cross. You can also contact Atlantic County Government at:


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