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The Most Stylish Women of All times

The Most Stylish Women of All times
Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

The Fashion Industry has always had a fair share of style icons that we’ve had our eyes on. These women have somehow shaped the style scene and have given us some major style inspiration to follow for decades, even after they were here no more. Their style legacy has lived long and is still a great influence for the fashion industry and style icons of today. These women, through their own unique style gave us some of the most memorable fashion moments and have set the bar of unique fashion and style sense to a higher proportion, and every time they gave us some swooning fashion moments.

These style icons are an influence for the women of all times. It is because of their good taste in style that we are now following some essential style trends. Here’s a list of some of the most stylish women of all times that have shaped the fashion world and the style for many women.

1. Audrey Hepburn:

Every time we hear the name of this stylish diva, a classic image of her dressed in her stylish Givenchy little black dress as Holly Golightly, in Breakfast at Tiffany. Audrey Hepburn is the lady behind making Capri pants and ballet flats a style statement for us. The over-sized sunglasses, hats, gloves and the sweet pixie cut on this adorable little face are still considered an inspiration for us (Just look around and see how everyone wear sunglasses like Hepburn). At a time when Marilyn Monroe was making her own sultry style statement, Audrey wore suits and pants yet still kept it feminine in her own way. Thanks to her, we now have so many fashion accessories without which women’s wardrobe cannot be imagined. From the LBD to cropped pants she gave us all some timeless fashion moments and style to follow.

2. Marilyn Monroe:

So it was Marilyn who broke some conservative fashion clichés, and gave fashion a sexy and seductive side and since then every actress has tried imitating her. Her striking red lips, that winged liner and her love for high heels has made accessorizing as important as dressing up. Her sultry, tight fitting, mini dresses gave us a new outlook to dress up sexy. Marilyn was all about embellishments and glamour; even her bathing suits would have some fancy details on it. The glam queen despite having a controversial image for some has given the fashion world a whole new style take which is still being followed by almost every celebrity and real life style divas.

3. Grace Kelly:

For a model turned princess, Grace Kelly had all the charm of a princess and that of a model; she was a style icon at both times. Every time the world saw this style diva, she was dressed in her best and stole the show for decades of fashion history. Where this blue eyed beauty, gave us all a new way of styling that was all about simple elegance yet very vogue. Her full skirts and separates in “Rear Window” and the pastels she wore in “To catch a thief,” are all copied till now. Tailored pants, the elegant in lingerie look, her love for solid colors and keeping it minimal in the accessory department are all known for her own individual style. The stylish lady inspired designers for designing dresses with exposed shoulders, through a broad neckline known as the “Bardot Neckline,” a term inspired by her style.

4. Madonna:

Not just the Pop Queen, Madonna has always come up with something unique in terms of style. Crazy for some, but Madonna has taken style to a whole new level. Although the new Madonna- imitating starts are trying their best to come up to the Madonna level of exclusive styling but none of them have that in them. The real Gaga of all times, gave us some jaw crunching fashion moments. From cone bras, her boy toy statement belt, like a virgin lace dress, the absolute brilliance of mix and match everything in one outfit, the Marie Antoinette Madonna, the controversial body suits to her Indian lady charm, she knew how to land into the headlines and then make her own place in the fashion scene. She came up with something that was all the creation of her genius and a little different than others style intuition.

5. Kate Middleton:

Women and people in fashion industry have a new royal style icon these days, The Duchess of Cambridge has taken in the steps of her stylish mother in law, Princess Diana and knows how to dress and always impress. Kate Middleton, ever since becoming the duchess has never dressed any less than perfect. Be it some high profile event, red carpets or being spotted on the street with her baby, her elegant yet chic style always becomes talk of the town. She knows how to dress royally modest, dresses, pants, jackets or hats, the duchess give makes everything look stylish. Kate knows how to flaunt solid colors in skirts and dresses. Even her casual attires which goes tops and pants usually, are never disappointing.

These women have a great impact on the fashion industry; every one of them is considered a complete style bible in themselves, with their unique way of dressing and accessorizing. Accept it or not, these style divas will be an inspiration for women, designers and the fashion industry all over the world.

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