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The most stressful jobs do not require college degrees

The most stressful careers don't require college degrees
wikipedia has ranked the ten most stressful occupations in 2014 and many of those jobs don't require college degrees.

The most stressful jobs (according to are:

1. Enlisted Military Personnel

2. Military General

3. Firefighter

4. Airline Pilot

5. Event Coordinator

6. Public Relations Executive

7. Corporate Executive (Senior)

8. Reporter (Newspaper)a

9. Police Officer

10. Taxi Driver

Of the ten jobs listed above, college degrees aren't required. And for some people that's good news. However, it's a given that people who are really good at their jobs have been trained to think independently and provide quality work. For most, these are lessons accompanied by academic scholarship.

The list of least stressful jobs, interestingly enough, has more positions that require advanced higher ed degrees, like librarian, audiologist, and tenured college professor.

Least Stressful Jobs

1. Audiologist

2. Hair Stylist

3. Jeweler

4. University Professor (Tenured)

5. Seamstress (Tailor)

6. Dietitian

7. Medical Records Technician

8. Librarian

9. Multimedia Artist

10. Drill-Press Operator

There are zillions of careers and jobs to choose whether or not we have a college degree. Being able to navigate a variety of career choices, as well as being able to cope with the 2014 work environment requires a strong sense of being.

And for many, discovering who they are and what they are meant to do in this world is a journey that starts in high school and continues in higher education classes.

source: Wall Street Journal,

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