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The most legendary team in Pro Wrestling:The Rock N' Roll Express

Yes, I love professional wrestling.

The Champs

The performance aspect, the storytelling, the basic fundamentals of it all, the characters: everything is fantastic, and everything is at hand on pro wrestling.

In future articles, I'll go more in-depth as to my favorites and their careers(including the tag team you'll be reading about in a bit) but this article is being done in a hasty manner. Why? Time is of the essence, and Kickstarter hours are dwindling down.

By this, I mean the Kickstarter documentary focused on the careers of two men, Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, two professional wrestlers who sweated, bled, and traveled all across the world perfecting their craft for the masses. Together, they became one of, if not the best, and most legendary of tag teams: The Rock N' Roll Express.

What made them work, and what still makes them work to this day is the storytelling ability of both men: two heroes going against any evil tag team, and getting the crowd so involved as to create a frenzy of emotion and activity, and then, when the moment strikes and victory is secured, the crowd goes wild.

Yes, pro wrestling is staged. Yes, the results are predetermined. And yes, wrestling has declined, as an industry, in the past ten years. However, that does not stop it from being important: any art is important, whether it's dancing or painting or writing or movie-making or even sports, performance sports like pro wresting, in particular.

I'm writing this to give a quick overview of everything, and I will analyze the careers of both men in further articles down the line, but there is only 67 hours to go for the funding of the documentary of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Any word of mouth, any sharing will be greatly appreciated, and this documentary has to be made: two men who sacrificed so much for a business they love, and have given of themselves for close to forty years, should not just shrink away because it's missing a dollar here or there. The minimum pledge is one dollar, and subsequent pledges can grant you anything from autographs to DVD's to your name in the ending credits sequence. Anything will help, and don't let this documentary of this fantastic team go to waste.

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Kickstarter: Rock-N-Roll Never Dies

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