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The most heart-healthy food: Celebrate National Almond Day

Almonds are wholesome and delicious nuts and one of the most heart-healthy foods on the market. Native to South Asia and the Middle East almonds are the world’s first cultivated foods. They are also believed to have originated in China and traded to Mediterranean, North Africa and Middle Eastern areas during ancient times. The Romans called almonds the “Greek nut” who thought they were cultivated there.

Almond butter, almond flour, whole natural almonds,  almond milk and sliced almonds!
Almond butter, almond flour, whole natural almonds, almond milk and sliced almonds!
California almonds
National Almond Day!
Mobile Holidays Examiner / Beverly Mucha

Almonds are grown in many countries including: Italy, Morocco, Portugal and Spain. In 1840 almond trees were brought from Europe to the United States to the New England area. The climate on the Eastern seaboard wasn’t supportive to the cultivation of this type of tree and was then brought to Modesto, California. The trees thrived on the Pacific coast and it’s been said that almond trees have been growing in California since the 19th century.

In the United States, California is the leading producer of almonds. California Almonds provides eighty percent of the world’s nut supply. It is a fact that it takes more than 1.2 million beehives to pollinate the almond crops.

Now that is a lot of bees!

Each year on Feb. 16 people everywhere in the world especially in California they celebrate “National Almond Day”! This is the perfect month for celebrating this food holiday since almonds are heart-healthy and February marks the focus on healthy eating habits and is also “American Heart Month”!

California is so proud of their almonds that they have multiple media sites you can view, use for research, find great recipes, and get health benefit information and much, much more. Some of the sites for California almonds you can visit and find anything you could possible want to learn about almonds can be found: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and the Almond Board.

So many people enjoy this particular nut for its taste, texture and the aroma they emit that is earthy and very fragrant. What many people may not realize is that eating almonds provides a powerful crunch and includes six grams of protein and four grams of fiber in every ounce that is consumed. Those two properties alone provide energy, fiber and can fight off hunger when chosen as a snack.

This author was recently contacted by a representative of "Life Hacks for Almonds" who promotes almonds from California where there are over 6,000 almond growers, producers and processors. It was an exciting day to discuss how much almonds are enjoyed, some of the health benefits they provide and receive a surprise delivery in the mail as they forwarded some of their wonderful almond and almond products to try.

Since the Mobile Holidays Examiner is also the Jackson Cooking Examiner she has some easy to follow recipes to try using the almonds, almond butter and almond flour that was delivered to her door. A list of these recipes and the links to locate them will show below for everyone to try. Included with those recipes are also some recipes that were provided from the almond company in California that will be shared on the recipe articles in a list/slide show for more ways to use almonds in cooking.

The Mobile Holidays Examiner also writes under another column called the Healthy Living Examiner. She has also written an article there too she wants to share that explains in detail many of the health benefits of almonds and how they can help everyone eat almonds for a healthy-heart celebrating “National Almond Day”!

Jackson Cooking Examiner recipes to try using almonds from California:

Healthy Living Examiner presents this health news article about almonds:

When you feel like a nut, choose California almonds and enjoy celebrating “National Almond Day”!

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