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The most frightening new Technology at South by Southwest

SXSW- Matrix and the Cloud
Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for IMG

The South by Southwest Interactive conference in Austin this year offered the latest “breaking news” in the world of technology.

By now you’ve heard of the “Cloud”, well at SXSW they took that a step further and featured “Cloud Robotics”. There were demonstrations featuring connecting robot brains to wireless systems and the Internet and furthermore connecting them to each other’s brains in what was called “robot sourcing”.


The idea is that they, via the Cloud, will become more effective on assembly lines, performing surgery or as a girlfriend like the robot Rocky got for his brother-in-law Paulie in Rocky 4. Either way the robots will soon be able to collaborate and communicate with other hence making them really scary and probably invincible when they ultimately attack. We’ve seen this movie before except it was only a movie. Now it’s real.

Yes thanks to your new friend the Cloud, robots will soon utilize the Internet for massive groupthink meets crowd sourcing meets the Terminator and become networked robots. One of the ideas is for them to become more social and presumably your most reliably funny Facebook friend.

One has to think that things will be better for awhile and they’ll clean the house and operate on us. But at some point let’s face it, all hell’s going to let loose..

Hey wasn’t SXSW once a fun music festival?

Now it’s apparently all about the “Internet of Scary Things”.

I know, progress, progress.

But you'd have to think there were a few Hollywood horror script writers down there taking notes.

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