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The most desirable used cars in Washington state

Used Ford F150
Used Ford F150
Carson Cars

It’s no secret that in Washington State, residents are exposed to a wide variety of adverse weather conditions that change within a few minutes time, with little or no notice. Due to the fluctuating climate of what residents and our cars are exposed to daily, what you choose to drive is important. While most areas of Western Washington see little or no snow regularly in the winter, there are many cities in which snow fall is the reality of daily life. Regardless of what area in Washington State you reside in, its important to select a car based on the climate and daily driving conditions you will experience along with your requirements and preferences.
The type of used car you select should depend on a few categories including vehicle requirements, preferences, efficiency, and budget.

If you have children or a family, it’s important to consider the activities they will want to participate in and how much space your vehicle should have for gear and road trips. For single working professionals, you may want a smaller more classic car for commuting with gas mileage that won’t break the bank for your trips into the city. When it comes to seniors and students, reliability and efficiency is key in order to get you from place to place with comfort. Whatever stage in life you may be in at the time of your car purchase, there is a quality used vehicle out there that suits your vehicle demands perfectly.

If there were an official state car brand of Washington, it would with no argument be the Subaru. Subaru, with its all wheel drive system is perfect for any unforeseen and adverse weather conditions or terrain that you can throw at it. Subaru offers a wide range of vehicles perfect for any lifestyle including the WRX, Outback, and Forester. Targeting the outdoor enthusiast, there are no lack of Subaru customers located in the Western Washington area. All Subaru models are equipped with all wheel drive and are built to last, making them the ideal used car to purchase in our area which retain their used car value very well.

While new BMWs are not always affordable to the average car customer, used options are plentiful. The BMW known for superior build quality, performance, comfort, and styling is highly sought after in the city and are just as nice as the brand new options. "There is a wide selection of quality pre- owned BMW's on the market today that are much more affordable than their new car counterparts" says Mike Carson with Carson Cars. Carson Cars, a family owned and operated dealership, has been in business since 1968 and was voted in 2011, 2012, and 2013 as the Best Independent Car Dealer of Western Washington.
"BMW's are built to last for a long time and look good while doing it. As one of the world's leading automakers, BMW is known to manufacture cars that offer superior levels of driver gratification and luxury." BMW's uphold their resale value with used options that include technology features that most new cars of other makes don't even provide.

There are many parts of Washington outside of city limits (and some even inside city limits) that consist of farms and farmland. Down the unpaved dirt or rock roads, reside barns and functional farms to which these residents call home. It is not uncommon as a Washington resident to live on a farm, own cattle, milk your own cows, and run a family business out of your very own ranch. This particular lifestyle requires a very specific vehicle to handle your towing and hauling requirements...a truck. The Ford F150 is the number one selling truck in America, and used F150's are extremely popular and sought after. Due to their extreme towing ability, bed space, and capability to drive anywhere..the F150 is the "go to " truck for Washington Residents who desire towing power and reliability.

As diverse as the demographic and weather is in Washington State, there are a large variety of used vehicles on the market today to suit any need. Purchasing a used car in Washington State over a new vehicle is almost always a smarter decision, with a much wider variety of inventory to select from, its much more likely you will find the perfect car to suit your requirements at a price you can afford.

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