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The most delicious and beautiful chocolates to savor on Valentine's Day

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This Valentine's Day, gift good quality chocolates to all those dear and special in your life, because chocolate somehow, magically makes everything alright. Studies suggest that eating chocolate (especially dark chocolate) is healthy for your heart and mind. Chocolate can help you stay thin, reduce body mass, prevent blood clots, improve numeracy, decrease stroke risk, doesn't ruin your complexion and increase serotonin levels in the brain, thus help the immune system. Of course, chocolate have some health benefits and should be eaten as a treat (not a substitute for fruits, vegetables and a healthy meal).

Here are some of the most delicious and beautiful chocolates from french pastry chef extraordinaire, Francois Payard, to share and savor on a special occasion, such as Valentine's Day.

Chef Francois Payard, renowned for his French pastries, is making it easier to send a kiss this Valentines Day with his Dark Chocolate Raspberry Lips! They're packaged in a chic Valentine's Day red clutch, consist a hint of ginger and are paired with a usable white chocolate raspberry lipstick, so that every time your sweetheart puckers up, you’ll share in your good taste. Each box of chocolates comes with 18 lips and 1 edible lipstick.

Chef Payard's other Valentines’ Day offerings include:

  • Payard Champagne Truffles are the most delicious, dreamy, heavenly, mesmerizing french truffles ever For those who appreciate good quality french chocolates, these magical truffles are a must try! They are made with a champagne-infused chocolate ganache and lightly dusted with cocoa powder. They are full of rich, decadent chocolate flavor, with a hint of champagne flavor, so very creamy, rich and smooth, as they melt in your mouth! It will be sure to make you smile from cheek to cheek, even when you feel sad, stressed or tired, because they taste luxurious and are simply divine. For those who desire to treat someone special with a sexy and indulgent box of unforgettable chocolates, these truffles will be a magical experience. A box comes in 9 or 18 pieces.
  • Valentine's Day Chocolate Collection consists of 70% dark chocolates in salted caramel, raspberry and fresh ginger.
  • Valentine's Day Macarons in a Heart Box contains caramel coriander, strawberry basil, lemon thyme and mint chocolate macarons.