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The most breathtaking abuse and rescue story ever for sweet Los Angeles dog

This is a dog rescue story that will leave you reaching for a box of tissue. It's one of the most moving tales of survival I've ever reported on involving one very abused dog and the people who are determined to save him.

Jack has a long road to recovery ahead, and needs your help
Jack has a long road to recovery ahead, and needs your help
Forever Fido Rescue
Jack being shown love for the first time in his life
Forever Fido Rescue

The week of January 6, while driving in South Los Angeles, two Good Samaritans named Vickie and Elina heard loud screams and yelps. To their horror, they found a man kicking and beating a dog, who was laying on the ground. They had never seen such fear in an animal's eyes as the dog, now known as Jack, cowered and urinated on himself.

Finally the abuser quit kicking Jack, and soon dragged the defenseless dog, who could barely walk, back to a junkyard area of an auto shop. When approached by Vickie and Elina, they were told by the shop owner

"The dog is no longer useful so we are getting another one to protect the shop."

It was destiny for these two ladies to come upon Jack, who then surrendered him to Forever Fido Rescue and Eloise Rescue.

The shop owner fired the man who was beating Jack. This poor dog had spent the last six years of his life at this shop, the victim of animal cruelty. Jack never had toys, or a soft bed. He never knew a loving hand or a kind voice.

The police came and arrested the man who beat Jack, and it was discovered the abuser was an illegal alien, who will be going back from where he came from.

Jack has suffered years of neglect and abuse, but the kind angels now in charge of his care are determined to turn his life around. They want to do this by putting Jack into the best dog rehabilitation program in Los Angeles.

Jack will have a staff of doctors assess him physically and mentally at a place called Two Hands Four Paws, where he'll be provided treatment to give him the chance to experience life as a loving and faithful companion.

The vet says Jack has Spondylosis and arthritis brought on by years of abuse and poor nutrition. He has painful infections in both ears. His teeth are cracked and broken from abuse. It's now also been learned Jack suffers from hip dysplasia.

Jack is now experiencing a lot of "firsts." He was a bit nervous on the car trip to be evaluated, but he did well. While waiting to be checked out, Jack found out for the first time in his life what a dog bed feels like. Here are some of the treatment options that will be available to Jack

*Underwater therapy
*Massage therapy
*Exercise therapy
*Laser therapy
*Vitamins for joint support
*Pain management

This takes money, roughly $275 per day. A donation page has been set up here at YouCaring, where their goal has now been increased to $7,000.

Please share Jack's story, and help if you can. And be sure to watch the video. It's heartbreaking in the beginning, but the smile on Jack's face at the end shows a hint of the dog inside who's waiting to be coaxed out. A dog, according to the team of experts who evaluated him, believe Jack has many good years left to enjoy life.

Thank you to Forever Fido Rescue and Eloise Rescue for taking him into their care. And thank you Vicki and Elina for not turning a blind eye to an animal in need. You can follow Jack on his way to recovery on the Forever Fido Rescue page on Facebook.

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