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The most and least expensive states for energy costs: Florida ranks #27

When it comes to Average Monthly Energy Costs, Florida is in the middle of the road, based on recent data. Florida ranks #27 with a Total Energy cost of $348. In Florida, the average monthly Electricity Cost is $128, the Monthly Natural Gas Cost is $30, and the Monthly Fuel Cost is $190. Florida ranks #49 for highest natural gas prices monthly ($30) and #2 for lowest natural gas consumption per consumer.

In 2013, the U.S. Energy Information Administration’s 2012 “Electric Sales, Revenue, and Average Price” report identified average monthly consumption in different regions (and states) around the US. They also ranked the top and bottom five states for average electricity costs.

In its research, the EIA finds that energy consumption is at its highest during July and August, the hottest time of the year. Increased consumption equals increased costs, which is important to all consumers. However, this study focuses on electric bills and ignores the other energy costs that account for 7.1 percent of an average consumer’s total income.

WalletHub has combined average monthly consumption and cost of electricity, natural gas, and fuel in every state to create a “Most and Least Energy Expensive States” guide for consumers.

EcoBuilding Pulse provides an interactive heat map which displays where each state falls for total energy cost, ranging from $301 (Colorado) to $451 (Hawaii). Click here to view the EcoBuilding Pulse interactive map.

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