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The Most Affordable Cities in the United States: Forbes

Buffalo, New York is named the Most Affordable City in the USA

With all the lists about the best and the most, the list that may very well be the most important to people in these times is the list of cities are the most affordable in the United States. Sure, it’s great to know which places are the best to live, the best to start a business, the cities with the best parks and more. However, knowing which cities people could actually afford to live in is the list many need. Forbes has done the footwork by crunching the data.

The United States’ Most Affordable Cities

  1. Buffalo, New York
  2. Memphis, Tennessee
  3. Cincinnati, Ohio
  4. Dayton, Ohio
  5. Knoxville, Tennessee
  6. Akron, Ohio
  7. Grand Rapids, Michigan
  8. Louisville, Kentucky
  9. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  10. Warren, Michigan
  11. Toledo, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan (tie)
  12. Birmingham, Alabama
  13. St. Louis, Missouri
  14. Virginia Beach, Virginia
  15. Jacksonville, Florida
  16. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  17. Tulsa, Oklahoma
  18. Tampa, Florida
  19. Syracuse, New York
  20. Columbus, Ohio

Looking at what you get for the price of a home and throwing in such factors as taxes in different locales throughout the nation, Forbes has come up with their list. According to their report, the crunched-data considers the local economics of places. The listing takes into consideration the 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs) and Metropolitan Divisions (MDs) in the United States. Of serious consideration were the cost-of-living index, and the cost of food, utilities, gas, transportation, medical expenses and more for each of the areas. Of course, the cost of housing in each area was taken into consideration, too. For the full report, click here.

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