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The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

Avec Mlle. Ellie Marie Margaret Wolentarski, QC
Avec Mlle. Ellie Marie Margaret Wolentarski, QC
Avec Mlle. Ellie Marie Margaret Wolentarski, QC

Democrats love to make laws...simply…to make laws.

Nobody ever told grumpy Democrats that the very best Congress is the Congress that does absolutely nothing at all.

“Do Nothing Congress!!” scream desperate Democrats as they look sadly out to sea, noting, a red tide rising for November, we remember our Tacitus, who reminded us that, in a thoroughly corrupt state:

“Everything not forbidden is now compulsory.”

“Corruptissima re publica plurimae leges:

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.

— Tacitus, in his master historical work: The Annals of The Roman Empire.

Boy howdy, Publius!! who could have made a more spot on observation to the Americans about their rulers at this New Year’s Day, 2013, than that?? A brave man, unafraid to call a spade a spade, Publius Tacitus was critical of almost every actor he observed at Rome–finding -“the senators are cowards, the soldiers are greedy, the emperors are weak.” More detail on Tacitus follows:

Publius, Gaius, Cornelius Tacitus (56 AD – 117 AD) was a senator and a historian of the Roman Empire. The surviving portions of his two major works—the Annals and the Histories—examine the reigns of the Roman Emperors Tiberius, Claudius, Nero. Roman Senator Tacitus wrote about the Empire of Rome in his brilliant histories.Today, at New Year, 2013, I think of him and wonder what he would make of the present condition of the United States, with specificity to financial corruption left altogether unchecked, in fact actively encouraged, at the highest levels of government and commerce.

I ask this in most particular with respect to Mr. Jamie Dimon of, I think, the Morgan Stanley Trust Bank, New York City. What would Senator Tacitus make of Jamie? My readers know Jamie well. I featured him in a note I wrote in May of what is, now, suddenly, last summer, 2012, reflecting my observations on the Panica of 2008. that note, I had a number of things to say about Jamie, among them this:

America is now a desolate, fearful place and all Americans know this with few exceptions.

One such unenlightened is Mr. Jamie Dimon, a most upbeat fella of, I believe, the Morgan Stanley Trust, who the other day enthused that the US economy is doing so well that it is holding “a royal straight flush,” an allusion, I think, to poker card games in which such a flush is the best conceivable hand a man can draw—and no improvement is possible .

I don’t know if Mr. Dimon was having a laugh or behaving swankishly on purpose to say such a thing, but I must ask him-how is it possible to say such a heartless thing with so many millions of his fellow citizens in poverty or just above that sad border and many millions more worry at night that they are next up for the bread lines?

Shame on him!

Bygones being bygones, let us all now wish Jamie Dimon a Happy New Year—but then—that’s already guaranteed for you, isn’t it, Jamie?