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The Moon in Capricorn sets off the Cardinal Grand Cross

The moon is currently in the sign of Capricorn, which is in its fall. This is a cold moon, and it could feel a bit stern. The positive part of this moon is it is excellent for focusing on hard work. This moon in Capricorn triggers the Grand Cross, which will bring a lot of changes, separations, endings, and beginnings. This Grand Cross is in full effect between April 20th and April 25th.

With this Grand Cross forming, we are feeling pushed and pulled in four different directions. This Grand Cross involves Pluto, the planet of power, in the cardinal sign of Capricorn; Uranus, the planet of chaos, in the cardinal sign of Aries; Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in the cardinal sign of Cancer; and Mars, the planet of war, in the sign of Libra.

Mars is in a difficult placement as it is in a weakened position in Libra. It is also retrograde, which means it is acting backwards. I recently heard two different stories of men castrating themselves, and it is a terrifying example of Mars retrograde( Mars rules male energy,) and the other planets at war with Mars. If you have any planets between 12 and 15 degrees of Cardinal, you are feeling the momentum now. Life may seem extremely chaotic now. However, this, too, shall pass.

I have already heard of people getting laid off, their bosses getting fired, break ups, and changes at organizations. Look in the news for big headlines now. This energy reminds me of one meaning of the Tower card in Tarot, which opens one's eyes through the chaos.

There will be shocking news and events in the upcoming few weeks; but, some of us are being set free to go on to a new path. It is going to be a highly stressful time, and it is definitely a time to give and receive emotional support.

Some people are feeling suicidal with this energy, so pay extra attention to odd behavior. Get involved, if you think there is trouble. This energy is coercive to action, as cardinal signs make things happen. Take action to make positive changes in your life.

"Every great change is preceded by Chaos." Deepak Chopra

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