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The monthly green social event targets a better Detroit.

Detroit Green Drinks logo seen online and with email subscription.
Detroit Green Drinks logo seen online and with email subscription.
Detroit Green Drinks

One day I was leaving the campus of Wayne State University within the Detroit Cultural Center and needed to grab a bite to eat at a nearby restaurant because I was ravenous. So I decided to grab take out at a cafe and by accident stumbled on a social networking event. This local social networking event is called Detroit Green Drinks. As I made my way through one of the most polite crowds I ever navigated through, I asked the hostess “what’s going on here?”

This is when I discovered that Detroit Green Drinks is a once a month, informal gathering of individuals wanting to network with others who share the same goals and values about sustainability and environmental welfare of Detroit. Being a student of energy management, I felt at home among those sharing like visions for the city of Detroit. Interestingly, I met an array of individuals such as those wanting to reclaim brown fields and transform them into organic gardens, or individuals who were creative enough to salvage unused materials into wonderful clothing and furniture products.

On one occasion, I appeared at the monthly event and to my surprise was a number of current sitting Detroit City Council members and others who were candidates at the time of pre-elections. The candidates discussed environmental and energy commitments they envisioned for Detroit. Although, with most politicians, it was vague talk about energy and sustainability issues, it was refreshing nevertheless to hear the current issues at hand brought up by persons who can help bring about local change.

What impresses me the most about Green Drinks is the people who attend these events are not just people spewing out climate change mantras. As you hold conversations with the local Detroiters, you’ll begin to realize that you’re communicating with people who genuinely care and have pride in their community. The common ideology among the Green Drinks participants is to simply spark a movement to create a better Detroit.

The Green Drinks event serves as a catalyst for many positive things, but probably most of all, helping to build stronger communities in Detroit. As the rather contagious green movement increases, I expect even more participants at these local events. Hopefully as participant’s increases, it will equate to even more active people wanting to indulge themselves in a cleaner and brighter Detroit.

I heavily recommend attending the Detroit Green Drinks event for those wanting to network with others within academia, business, and or government sectors of energy and environmental capacities. You never know, there could be a potential business idea or career opportunity that is just one network contact away. However, there is just one stipulation to attending this invigorating event, bring someone along with you to enjoy.

Event Details
Date: Third Wednesday of the month
Time: 5:30-8:00 p.m.
Location: Revolving locations highlighting Green bars and eateries around the Downtown


  • Vince Lamb - Detroit Science News Examiner 5 years ago

    Too bad my schedule is full the third Wednesday of every month between now and August or else I'd make it a point to attend one of these events. These look like the places to be for the environmentally conscious among us here in Metro Detroit.

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