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The money and many steps to getting a work visa in the US

It is a myth that anyone can get a Work Visa or Green Card and that there is an unlimited amount of them available. The fact is there are a limited amount-140,000-of permanent work visas available each year from the federal government in the United States for aliens to apply for and be able to work legally and live in the US. There is also a limited number of temporary work visas available each year.

There are nine different types of visas available to apply for when entering the United States including one for tourists on a vacation. This does not include the application process and information on how to obtain a green card, which is different. A work Visa is not the same as becoming a naturalized citizen; it is a step to being granted citizenship.

Each download of information and applications will cost a person 49.95 to process. More information and forms is provided once someone hands over the 49.95 to the US website. Student visas, and various other business and work visas all require applications to be filled out and processed.

Applicants have to fill out the general work visa information and if approved are granted temporary admittance to work in the United States including getting a drivers license and ID. This is also given to their immediate family. Work visas are sponsored by employers and can be renewed. This means a job offer has to already be made available for someone to apply to work in the US and the job must meet the following requirements according to the United States Government

· There are insufficient available, qualified, and willing U.S. workers to fill the position being offered at the prevailing wage

· Hiring a foreign worker will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers

H1-B Work Visa for professional with required bachelors college degree-there are 65,000 available each year and are for specific specialty occupations such as accounting administration, web design

H2-b Work Visa for non-professionals for non-agriculture jobs for a temporary stint there are 66,000 available each year. These are for specific jobs that are needed to be filled due to lack of interest from Americans.

Green Card Holders are Lawful Permanent Residents but have not become naturalized citizens. They are allowed to leave the United States for a shorter-unspecified time, if they were to stay out of the country for longer than is allowed they have to purchase another permit to come back into the US.

Currently a bill is attempting to be passed that will allow farm workers with 150 days labor to apply to become citizens.

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