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The Monday Lust: Being a Maxxinista


This week 's The Monday Lust is not about the newest & most cutting edge items, rather the opposite... where to get last season's most coveted & wanted items. 

We have all heard the commercials of being a "maxxinista", but I wanted to see if this discount store was all that it claims.... and it was!

TJ Maxx explains that they bring us the best prices from some of the best fashion houses the world over.

"Our buyers are on the hunt over 40 weeks a year for the hottest items of the season. So when a designer overproduces and dept. stores overbuy, we swoop in, negotiate the lowest possible price, and pass the savings on."

Recently I went for a test run & can personally attest that TJ Maxx, a store that I once stuck my nose up to is in fact a destination worth the time.  Obviously this is no boutique, but with a little digging there it was... the mecca of designer duds. 

There was Pucci, Poleci, Alice & Olivia, Nanette Lapore & Chloe to name a few.  When all was said & done, I made out a true "maxxinista" with a fantastic Vince Sweater originally $230 purchased for $65 & a size 14 (with a little tailoring & belting should become a new wardrobe staple) Ralph Lauren Collection jacket originally $1798 purchased for $44.  Check out others finds at

Needless to say the trip was a success, but more of an adventure.  Those who get the sense of adventure can attest that shopping at discount is an experience & not for the in-and-out shopper, but perfect for those who are willing to use a little creativity with sizing & those who love their labels!

There are so many location in AtlantaFind the one closest to you. 

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  • Tammy Overstreet 5 years ago

    if you once snub your nose at TJ Maxx...I could only imagine what snubbing you would do at my wardrobe..LOL..when you get ready to throw out your old clothing..holla at me..I'll be more than happy to take your hand me downs! Seriously! I did enjoy your article.

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