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"The Moment has Come" for humanity to begin anew - special presentation 6-5-2010


On Saturday, June 5, 2010 at Half Price Books in Dallas you will have a chance to hear some intriguing information that might brighten your outlook on the state of global affairs.  Certain happenings discussed at this presentation, which are unfolding at this moment, will affect nothing less than the future of our entire civilization.

Behind the conflicts raging within our social, economic, political, and religious institutions, there is a sea change in human consciousness spreading throughout the world, affecting life both on Earth and in our solar system.  Humanity is approaching a crucial decision on how to move forward in order to attain peace and stability.  We are experiencing the 'birth pangs' of a new era that is demanding altogether new modes of living.

To aid us in this great transformation, an enlightened teacher named Maitreya is now emerging into public view.  His task is mighty, but so is his ability to inspire mankind to make the necessary changes.

Millions of people have already heard this information and many wonder: Who is Maitreya?  What exactly does he teach?  What are his plans and chief concerns?   

For starters, Maitreya has said in his own words, "As a brother among brothers I shall speak for you all, voice aloud your aspirations and hopes; make known the desire of all men for a world at peace, for a just and noble readiness to share; for the creation of a society based on freedom and love."

Learn more by attending this special presentation: 

"The Moment has Come" - a film of a lecture by British author, artist, and esotericist Benjamin Creme. There will be an introduction beforehand along with Q&A afterwords, hosted by Dallas-based volunteer Betsy Whitfill.

Benjamin Creme

7:30 pm - Sat, June 5, 2010
Half Price Books - in the Community Room
5803 E. Northwest Hwy (@ US-75), Dallas, Tx - Map
(Free admission)
Presented by Share International Network / Dallas, a group of volunteers.

Local website:


  • xexon 5 years ago

    It would be a mistake to think there will ever be a world messiah. It would interfere with free will.

    But there are people capable of being heard by many. Most not anymore spiritually advanced than a chili pepper.

    The problem with the Maitreya is his timing. The Jews are looking out for the Moshiach, the Muslims await for the Mahdi, and of course the rest wait for Jesus.

    I'm betting this is going to be more like saturday night wrestling than anything else.


  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 5 years ago

    I would like to here Benjamin Creme.

  • Aquarian1 5 years ago

    This should be interesting. If Maitreya just hangs in there, people may come around once they have tried everything else....or maybe everything else has been tried already. Seems to me that religion, like politics, is really man made and that's why it is such a mess. Will there be a report after?

  • Andy Morgan 5 years ago

    Re: Aquarian1's question, "Will there be a report after?"

    Though it was a moderately small-sized audience, everyone there seemed to be listening intently, pondering on the timely information offered both in Benjamin Creme's talk and the additional live commentary by one of the members of the Transmission Meditation group, Betsy Whitfill.

    The presentation covered a wide range of topics: from UFO’s to a new economic framework; from personal spiritual growth to the dangers of nuclear power; I think it’s unique how relevant the information is to so many aspects of our lives. One of the visual highlights was a special 10-minute video on the “star-like luminary” being video-taped worldwide and heralding Maitreya’s emergence. The conclusion of the film portion included a special (taped) blessing by Maitreya, given through Mr. Creme, in which tangible energies can be felt during the playing.

    I would recommend everyone attend the next event, probably sometime during Fall of 2010.

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