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'The Moment has Come' for humanity to awaken

Porto Alegre, Brazil
Peace march (Porto Alegre, Brazil)
Photo: Andy Morgan

America, like other parts of the world, is intensely divided. Our public leaders are steeped in partisan politics, engrossed in little more than superficial arguments and childish name calling. Whether it's pertaining to economic stability, health care reform, our planet's environmental crisis or energy security, public discussions rarely prove to be meaningful. In the end, politicians know they have still not solved the major problems of the hour. At best, they seem to be avoiding the elephants in the room, hoping to please their constituents and maybe save face for another term.

Anyone who pays attention to the needs of the time knows there is much more at stake than winning silly arguments, protecting ideologies, or merely satisfying one's personal desires. If humanity as a whole doesn't wake up soon, our planet and its inhabitants will face disastrous consequences. The mounting tension among nations would surely reach a tragic breaking point if it continued to escalate.

Extreme poverty, hunger, preventable disease, and endangered ecosystems are not inevitable situations. They are all man-made disasters. 

Credit: AP Photo/Pat Roque
Credit: AP Photo/Pat Roque

It's astonishing how tens of thousands of human beings can die every single day in a world of abundance, and yet some leaders continue to fill our minds with fear of scarcity and the attitude of defense, rather than cooperative action and intelligent solutions. 

So, are we doomed? Is there any reason to think we can narrowly escape a head-long plunge into the abyss of social devastation and war?

Artist and author Benjamin Creme has a surprisingly positive response to such questions. According to Mr. Creme, humanity has before it a remarkably bright future, filled with social and technological breakthroughs more incredible than we could currently imagine. He has stated many times that humanity's social crises can be solved once and for all, but only if we choose to follow the advice of some exceptionally wise teachers who have come, at this pivotal moment, to point the way forward.  Their public emergence is now underway, bringing with it a mass awakening of consciousness.

There will be a presentation related to the above information at Half Price Books (in Dallas) on March 6, offering a chance to learn more about this hopeful perspective on humanity's future.

"The Moment has Come"
- a video presentation of Scottish author and editor of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme

7:00 pm, Saturday March 6, 2010
Free admission
Half Price Books, in the Community Room
5803 E. Northwest Hwy (@ US-75), Dallas, Tx 75231



  • Scott Knutson - Philly Mystical-Spirituality Exami 5 years ago

    I'd like to see this. Too bad I'm in Philly.

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