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The mohinders Kickstarter campaign

The City Slipper by mohinders
The City Slipper by mohinders
Courtesy of mohinders

As mentioned earlier, it seems like articles of this sort come in waves. This is another article about a brand new company that is seeking your attention and the funding to secure a place in the market as well as the hearts and minds of you, the consumer. This time we’re talking about the mohinders shoes Kickstarter campaign.

Mohinders is a shoe company with a great story. One day, Michael Paratore, Esq. started to daydream about what life would be like outside the world of corporate law. He hungered for something more creative. Though he had no idea what it was, exactly, that he was looking for, everything became clear during a trip to India.

While there, he purchased a pair of leather slip-on shoes from a street-side shop, and, unbeknownst to him, his life was about to change. Once back home in the Bay Area, he wore his new slip-ons everywhere and began to receive an unbelievable number of compliments about his humble footwear. Soon, he realized that everyone needs a pair of these well-made, all-purpose shoes, and that’s when mohinders was born.

The material suppliers were hand-picked based on the ethical treatment of their workers, fair pay, passion for their craft, and quality of workmanship. You’ll notice that price was not a factor in this process. Mohinders’ primary supplier is a village cooperative (think PACT) made up of 2nd and 3rd generation shoe-making artisans. This cooperative was set up by an Indian non-governmental organization and used a microcredit model to make sure the artisans are paid fairly so the cycle of poverty in that village could finally be broken.

If you want to get in on this Kickstarter campaign, you’ll have to act fast. There’s mere hours remaining. For more information, or to make a pledge, click here. You can also check mohinders out on Facebook by clicking, here. (Do yourself a favor and watch the mohinders Kickstarter video. Michael’s enthusiasm is contagious, and the tricky video footage is a hoot.)