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The modern day phone rules

Time after time I am asked by New York City single men the same question that has been plaguing single men for decades. These guys would always want to know just how long they should be waiting to call a woman for a second date.

Some believe that the proper time period is to wait a minimum of two days. Others believe that they should wait a minimum of three. The truth is, both answers are wrong.

This may have worked well in the past, but these days, we live in a different world. Everything happens at a quicker and faster pace with this generation. Singles simply don't have attention spans the way they once did, and even more importantly, with online dating in the picture, singles have more options than ever before. Waiting two days or more creates a huge risk of the person you are into moving on to someone else.

But perhaps even more to the point, there is simply no logical reason to suddenly fall off the map after a great date. In the past there were valid reasons. Getting to a phone was not always easy. But these days everyone with a breathing pulse is texting and clearly has the time to send a text here and there to someone they are interested in. Avoiding a text for two days doesn't make you look like you have a life or aren't desperate, it just makes you look rude and as if you aren't into the other person.

So the next time you wonder just how long you should be waiting to text someone after a great date, the answer is, do it the next day. This is the way to go.

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