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‘The Mob Wives’ Reunion spoilers: Renee, Drita question friendship over gossip

“The Mob Wives Reunion” might have fans choosing sides on Thursday night after the program is over. As much as the ladies try to keep it civil, the drama between Renee and Drita was minimal all season long is bound to spill over during the show. If viewers don’t want to know what happens on Thursday during the reunion show, look away now. According to VH1 on Thursday, the fans are going to see a line drawn on where friendships are and might even take aside.

The issues between Renee and Drita might have some speechless as Drita gets irate at Renee and questions her friendship. The gossip heard around the community is an accusation that neither women appreciate. Angered and unwilling to back down the two battle it out verbally as the other cast members watch.

Renee also explodes at Natalie. There are issues of backstabbing, drugs and alcohol with more debate on which women are true friends and which ladies are along for the ride. The volatile “The Mob Wives” show should offer answers to the questions that many fans have been asking. Will these ladies actually figure out their differences or this this the end of the road for some of the cast members.

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