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The MLS only needs 20 teams

The original MLS logo
The original MLS logo
Wikimedia Commons

The MLS should stop adding teams to the league. Right now, the league has 19 teams with two more coming in 2015. Also, David Beckham has expressed that he wants to start a team in Miami. That would leave the league with 22 teams.

Well, it is very exciting to see the sport of soccer grow in the US the way it has in the last 10 years, but the league still has things to learn and follow. For instance, the most successful soccer leagues have 20 teams total.

The 20-team format runs spectacular. Each teams plays each other twice, once at home and once away, totaling 38 games per team, and the team with the best record, claims the title for the season.

Germany, Italy, Spain, France, and most countries from South America (Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil—Uruguay and Argentina divide their championship into two seasons) run their leagues that way.

The 20-team league format is very successful and has been highly recommended for the MLS by many soccer analyst. Having 22 teams will add more games to each team. Who know what the plan is, but it could pose as a setback for the league.

The MLS, making tons of changes along the way, has been growing successfully. It has been doing so without following traditional formats. Now, with 22 teams, the league is once again breaking the traditional soccer plan.

By having smaller stadiums and having the right amount of games, the league could hold on to that success. Adding more games per team a season will not be good.

The reason is because the league doesn’t follow the traditional calendar that most of world follows, and everyone knows that the league suffers greatly when the best players have attend international tournaments for their respective countries. That absence hurts because no one likes to go see a team with no stars.

Anyway, the calendar is another issue, but it somewhat correlates when the league is planning of making the league with an exuberant amount of teams.

Twenty teams should be enough! The MLS could still keeps its playoff format, by having the top eight teams qualify or six teams, top two get a bye week, or whatever.

Oh yeah, get rid of the Eastern and Western conferences too! However, that is another argument to come.

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