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The Mizpah Today

In 2011, after 12 years of closure, the historic Mizpah Hotel finally opened its doors again. The Cline family purchased the hotel and renovated the entire building. Luckily, due to major restoration efforts in the 1970s, the hotel was already in pretty good shape considering its age.

The hotel's lobby.
Osie Turner

The hotel features 47 renovated rooms, ranging in size from suites to junior suites and to double bedrooms. Many of the rooms are themed, and many are named in honor of notable figures from Tonopah’s history. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated and have private baths. All of the rooms have flat-screen satellite TVs mounted on the walls but, somehow, they don’t ruin the overall old west feel. In fact, the TVs seem to blend into the walls and are easy to miss.

Two of the hotel’s most unique rooms are the Wagon Room and the Lady in Red Room. The Wagon Room is so named because of its impressive hand-made bed that looks like a wagon, which retails for $30,000. The infamous Lady in Red Room, named for the ghost that haunts the fifth floor, has one of the best views of the town possible and is elegantly furnished.

Each floor of the hotel has a table where fresh coffee is served each morning. This is a fabulous idea; it is always inconvenient to go all the way to the lobby to get your morning brew. Each floor also sports sitting areas in the hallway; the furniture is in keeping with the Victorian décor and really adds to the atmosphere.

The Wyatt Earp Bar is located next to the lobby. Live music is sometimes performed in the spacious bar area. This is a great place to relax with a drink and meet locals or other hotel guests. Undoubtedly, many a ghost story has been told here.

The Pittman Café is the hotel’s go-to restaurant. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides having a full bar, one can also try their fine wines and beers. The Cline family owns a winery in Sonoma, California, so one can expect to find plenty of selections from wine country.

Tonopah Historic Mining Park is located directly behind the hotel and is easily within walking distance. In the park one can find many original mining artifacts, preserved original buildings, and even take an underground mine tour. One can also look down the main shaft of the Mizpah Mine, from which the hotel takes its name.

Staying at the Mizpah is an experience that can only be described as going back in time to a bygone era. The rooms are luxurious and furnished with many period fixtures, including the original claw-footed tubs in many of the rooms. (Some rooms have been fitted with standing showers if that is preferred.) Everything about the hotel screams authentic—because it is.

You can make reservations at the Mizpah Hotel online on their website:

For more info, hours, and pricing for the Tonopah Historic Mining Park, see their official page:

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