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The mix of technology remains about people, and so does the iRig Voice

As a writer, once being exposed to insider perspectives, it truly changes your awareness on many matters. As a consumer, crossing path with an industry product or service, adds some extra meaning. And yet, the chance to exchange in dialogue, interaction, and other forms of communications, continues to prove an important piece for success, in assuring the right message and perhaps, result. The three industries of technology, sports (i.e. women’s college basketball), and green energy, all illustrate how the downsizing of some economic landscapes are not without the incoming growth of others. In today’s reporting, green energy and technology gets a lot of press ink. And from an economic standpoint, the proof speaks to the results. Women’s college basketball ranks atop the heap for women’s sports in college; but, when you speak as a fan, there are not many who share the connection; at least, not in the same framework of men’s college basketball or football. Still, the potential of growth exists.

An idea, an actual plan, an implementation, and then a microphone
An idea, an actual plan, an implementation, and then a microphone
iRig Voice website
Sing to your Heart's content
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In looking around, the world of technology, or green energy, can cover many things. For technology, the range might entail consumer products, software, engineering, robotics, etc; for green energy, the term can include solar, wind turbines, alternative fuels, etc; and for women’s basketball, one might reference to Division I, II, etc. In fact, the smallest to the largest, the simplest to complex, in product, service, or aspect, can carry overall importance, for any of the three subjects. Accordingly, take a new product, like iRig Voice. ( Essentially, it’s a mic for your smartphone or tablet. In further concept, it’s a common product with a twist.

While the ‘Voice’ is practical for those who sing, one equally finds a use for conducting interviews. And like the saying goes, the creativity of users, and their imagination in application, is the only real limitation, even for such a basic product. Though a true plug and play device, this will also work with apps, among them ‘EZ Voice.’ In a nutshell, you’re seeing the continuum of a trend, of making more things simple for the consumer, with technology; translation, use and control thru the smartphone. Now, we all are familiar with what a microphone looks like. And here’s a definition, incorporating our storyline: It actually transfers energy--right in the palm of your hand! It takes an acoustical energy (your voice or instrument) and turns it into an electrical energy. This electrical energy can then be recorded, amplified or otherwise altered in ways that the original acoustic sound wave could not.

The technical aspects, for the iRig Voice, include these thoughts: optimized to deliver stunning audio quality; features an ergonomic design; has an on/off slide switch for quick muting of unwanted sound; comes in 5 stylish colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Pink and White; casing is formed from a strong and durable, yet lightweight, pigmented thermoplastic that wont fade over time; operates through the 3.5mm (1/8”) TRRS analog microphone/headphone jack on all devices.

Perhaps, a more optimal question is whether one can have some fun with such a product. Personally, I’m not a singer, but I enjoyed testing via that route. Alternatively, just making some statements and then listening, gave a little room for moments of chuckling. In addition, I used the app: Easy Voice Recorder, and worked just fine. Overall, the iRig Voice is simple for anyone.

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