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The Missouri Comets crush the Milwaukee Wave

The Milwaukee Wave held Vahid Assadpour, the league’s leading goal maker, scoreless on Friday night but was unable to stop the Comets on Friday January 17, at the Independence Events Center. The first place Wave has eight wins with one loss while the Comets sit in fourth with seven wins and four losses for the season. The two teams have met twice at Independence this season, splitting with the Wave winning the first home game for the Comets 23 to 21 and the Comets winning the second by nine points. The Wave has only allowed one point from their opponents on power plays this season.

Action from the first quarter.
Action from the first quarter.
Photos by Steve Wilson
The Comets and Wave met on Friday in Independence.
Photo by Steve Wilson

At 2:38 in the first quarter, Pablo DaSilva of the Wave received a blue card and two minutes for tripping. At 2:51, Lucas Rodriguez with an assist from Leo Gibson took advantage of the power play and scored a two-pointer to put the Comets on the board and scoring his sixth goal of the season. At 6:43, Ian Bennett for the Wave hit a two-pointer to tie the game with an assist by JC Banks. The second score for the Comets came at 10 minutes when Gibson hit an unassisted two-pointer. With 20.9 seconds remaining in the first quarter Comets Byron Alvarez hit a two-pointer with an assist by Robert Palmer, giving the Comets a four-point lead at the end of the quarter.

The Comets opened the second quarter at 14 seconds in with a three-point goal by Brian Harris and assisted by Danny Waltman, extending the lead to seven. Both teams played aggressive offense but ran into just as aggressive defense by their opponents. At the end of the first half the Comets led nine to two.

At 7:55 into the second half, Robert Palmer of the Comets received a two-minute penalty for elbowing and Waves player Carlos Munoz received a two-minute penalty for pushing. Both teams dropped to four men per side with no power play advantage. At 9:04, Luan Oliveira hit a two-pointer with an assist by Marcio Leite, cutting the Comets lead to five. At 13:56, John Sosa on a restart, from the top of the arc, passed the ball to Rodriguez who made his second score of the night. At the end of the third quarter, the Comets led 11 to 4.

At 6:45 in the fourth quarter, Ramone Palmer with an assist by Gibson hit a two-pointer to increase the Comets lead to nine at 13-4. At 11:40, Robert Palmer from over half the distance of the field struck a three-pointer for the Comets against the sixth attacker. The goal was his first three-pointer of the season and his fourth goal of the season. Harris from just about mid-field scored his second three-pointer of the night against the sixth attacker at 12:33. At 14:23, assisted by Vahid Assadpour Rodriquez scored a three-pointer against the sixth attacker, stretching the lead to 18.

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