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The mission is for communities to be the catalyst to open resource centers.

The First COF Resource Center using 47MR Model
The First COF Resource Center using 47MR Model
47MR Model Mr Health Benefits

What is the difference between a goal and a mission? This is the question I was faced with from a life changing event. My whole life I worked towards meeting my goals, and considered that to be my mission. The realization that these words are so different is why today making a difference is important. The difference is that a goal you plan for, a mission is planned for you. So today I live to fulfill my mission.

The mission is to change healthcare, and have the community be the catalyst to open alternative resource centers protecting the primary care physician practice (Country Doctor). The time has come where we need PCP free to practice medicine away from all the profiteering systems that has destroyed the "care" in the word healthcare. So the creations of these centers operate apart from the current fee for service system. No need for generating claims which are never paid by the insurance carriers, or at the doctors office the first question asks is, what insurance do you have? Is this question necessary to ask when determining treatment? Or hear the recorders after 5pm stating if this is an emergency call 911 or go to the emergency room.

Children Obesity Foundation and 47 Million Reason Healthcare Movement have teamed up to create center to serve the small business owner, employees and their family in the community. The working class Americans who built this nation deserves better than paying deductibles, paying premium, and paying taxes, hardly receiving any benefits.

If you want to change how you are treated join them. Become a volunteer, donor, or community leader who want to change the system from the bottom up and have a choice in how healthcare is delivered in their community. The Wall Street mentality from the top down only benefits shareholders not the consumers. There is now a healthcare movement, for opening these new type of centers. The first pilot center will open this year. All are welcome to join COF/47MR and follow suit and make adults and children healthy again.