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The Missing Piece

The Missing Piece by Monica C. Holland
The Missing Piece by Monica C. Holland
The Missing Piece by Monica C. Holland

It was his third birthday, and it took Zaair ten minutes before he would blow out the candles on his birthday cake. He would not stop smiling and saying, "For me? This is for me?" I had to reassure him several times, "Yes, baby, this is for you". He finally believed me and blew out the candles. I did not have many gifts to give him that day, but I have always had lots of love and attention to splurge on him. Thirty years later, one thing has not changed. Zaair was one of the few people in my life with whom my loving him was enough.

Today would have been my dear heart's 33rd birthday. I am a living witness that you can live with a piece of your heart missing. Zaair, I think of you all the time. Some days I think of you and smile, but then I cry because I remember that night. Your Nana was real sad yesterday. She just shakes her head and says, "Lord, I miss that boy!" You were her first grandchild. You stole her heart just like you did mine. There will always be a missing piece of our heart, an empty chair at the dinner table and a missing smile in the family photos.

I promised you that I would not let your death harden my heart. I have kept that promise. I know that you are too busy worshiping the Lord to celebrate your birthday today, so I will whisper a prayer, light a candle and celebrate the love that you brought to my life. Until we meet again, my beloved nephew Jesus will fill that missing piece. Happy Birthday, Zaair! Forever loving and missing you, Aunt Monica

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