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The missing boy

Former slave boys acting like children
Former slave boys acting like children

Boys running after a ball...charging in full-throated, joyful pursuit. Nothing unusual unless the boys are former slaves. Just hours into freedom fifteen boys enjoyed a day at the park--playing ball, climbing on monkey bars, rocking a swing very, very happy.

Happy, too, were the members of the Allen Memorial Baptist Church in Salisbury, Maryland as we viewed the pictures of these boys God rescued through our financial contributions. What could be more fulfilling than rescuing children from physical bondage and placing them in a setting where they can find spiritual liberation through Jesus Christ.

Happiness tinged with sorrow--because of the missing boy. You see, sixteen boys gained their freedom a couple of months ago; but one did not live to see that playground. His name was Ramish. He only spent a few days in freedom until his miserable living conditions in the brick factory pulled him down into death. No jumping for time to savor his liberty.

The death of Ramish reminds us that time is not on the side of these children.

We must do more...and soon.

If you would like to help us bring the joy of freedom to the hearts of more slave children before it is too late, please email me at Please also visit our page on Facebook: "Defend and Rescue."

Children should fall to the ground exhausted from play...not dead from this abuse called slavery.


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